March 2016 - John Surratt: the Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away

has been named a Foreword's Book Of The Year Awards Indiefab Finalist.


Very weird... check out "Have Gun, Will Travel", the episode (1959?) "Shadow of a Man," on YouTube. Paladin kills John Surratt! Practically every detail is absurd and totally ahistorical, except for the names of Surratt's co-conspirators. But when did TV ever let truth get in the way of entertainment?


January 2016 - Thanks to my friends at the Port Townsend & Sequim libraries, and to Hart's Fine Books in Sequim, for sponsoring me on book talks. When it comes to literary bragging rights, Sequim packed in at least double the number of folks as Port Townsend!


December 2015 - Great new review in REED Magazine lauds the "gripping detail", "meticulously cited ... archival sleuthing," and "potent indictment of a man overlooked".  See the reviews page for more!


December 18 - Thanks to the Washington State History Museum and Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable for including me in the 13th Amendment 150th anniversary celebration!


October 15 - Thanks Island Books - Roger & Laurie.  It was a pleasure visiting you again and presenting my historical slideshow for Mercer Island readers.


The Bellingham Herald review has been out for a while, but it just came to my attention, so it's new to me.  "Immensely engaging" and "a fascinating read" says the reviewer.  Thanks!


October 3 - Taught at Write on the Sound in Edmonds today.  What a beautiful conference space, with views of the Sound and Olympics.  Well run, lots of interesting writers.  Thanks WOTS!


October 1, 2015:  We sure had fun at the downtown Seattle Public Library, sponsored by University Bookstore.  Thanks to Carl & Emily at the Library, and Eileen, Joe and Tim at U Bookstore!  Great turnout, great questions.


August 13, 2015:  Dear Readers ... Because my former publisher has broken numerous promises, failed properly to distribute the paperback, and failed to produce professional-quality ebooks, Bennett & Hastings Publishing Co. is taking over my book.  The B&H edition is now available from your favorite bookseller, and on KINDLE.  It is the only authorized edition of my book.  Please look for it - thanks very much!


On June 17th Michael was interviewed on Civil War Talk Radio for about 40 minutes.  Here's a link to the free podcast:


June 14 - It was great fun reconnecting with Reedies at the Alumni Author's event this past Friday.  Read On!


May 19 - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY calls JOHN SURRATT: The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away, "gripping" and "thought-provoking"!  Here's the link for the full review.


SEATTLE READERS:  Two of my favorite indie booksellers have copies of JOHN SURRATT: The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away IN STOCK - SECRET GARDEN BOOKS in Ballard, and COUTH BUZZARD BOOKS in Greenwood.  Get 'em while they're hot!


MAY 10, 2015 - Great review calls JOHN SURRATT: The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away, "[t]he definitive biography of John H. Surratt, ... deeply researched, well written, and highly informative."  To read the whole review, click here.


APRIL 21, 2015 - American Civil War Museum & White House of the Confederacy: Michael discussed his new book, John Surratt: The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away in the former capitol of the Confederate States of America.


April Poetry 4 the People, Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR



I want to thank the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MUSEUM in Richmond, Virginia, for hosting me.  We had a good time - if you were there, you know!


Thanks to for the "Ask Me Anything" session ... it's still up & active online so you can search for me and ask away.  Click here to join the discussion.


SOUND FILE from radio interview aired April 23, 2015 on Michigan Talk Radio.  Click here to listen.




April 13 - "John Surratt: The Man in Two Places at Once," by Michael Schein - History News Network - click here.


March 15 - "The Day Lincoln Was Supposed to be Kidnapped," by Michael Schein - History News Network - click here.


Dec. 2014 - "This Meeting in December 1864 Led to Lincoln's Assassination" - History News Network - click here.


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