John Surratt:

The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away

has been named a Foreword's Book Of The Year Awards Indiefab Finalist.

JOHN SURRATT:  THE LINCOLN ASSASSIN WHO GOT AWAY, is a new release from Bennett & Hastings Publishing.  Previous books and films have focused on the triggerman, John Wilkes Booth, or the military trial of the conspirators and the hanging of Mary E. Surratt, John’s mother, but no major book has focused on John Surratt.  This is surprising, because Surratt was Booth’s closest associate during the four months leading up to the assassination, and a known member of the Confederate Secret Service with ties to the highest levels of CSA Government.  Adding to the intrigue, Surratt’s two-year run from the law is a fascinating adventure, spanning the globe from New York to Canada, England, Italy and Egypt.


“John Surratt was indeed the Lincoln assassin who got away, but, fortunately, he will not escape history thanks to Michael Schein. In this well-researched, beautifully written account of John Surratt, Schein brings historical justice to a man that has been given a pass for too long. It is long overdue.”

~ Edward Steers, Jr., Author (among other works) of "Lincoln’s Assassination," "The Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia," "Blood on the Moon," "The Quotable Lincoln," "His Name is Still Mudd," and editor of "The Trial: the Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators."


"Michael Schein has written a fast-moving, vivid account of one of the best and most bewildering stories to come out of the Civil War. A bonus is Schein's excellent analysis of Surratt's trial, one of the more interesting and bizarre legal affairs of the era. Bravo!"

~ S.C. Gwynne, Author of "Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson," and "Empire of the Summer Moon"



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In the beautiful Puget Sound valley, there are bones beneath our feet ... BONES BENEATH OUR FEET is the lively historical epic tale of the conquest of the Natives of Puget Sound by the "Boston" tribe. Focused on the period from 1844-1858, BONES BENEATH OUR FEET explodes with political intrigue, stormy intermarriage, misunderstanding and fear, massacres and mercy, greed and sacrifice, trials of law and of spirit, open warfare and martial law.  This  astonishing tale resonates powerfully even today: though the gravestone of Chief Leschi, leader of the Native cause, reads: "LESCHI -  Judicially Murdered Feb. 19, 1858," in 2004 Leschi's name was cleared by a special Historical Court of Inquiry headed by the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court. This is not just a native story. It is the story of all Americans who live on this beautiful land - a story for all who are passionate about tolerance, dignity and liberty.

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In 1793, the most powerful family in Virginia found itself embroiled in scandal: Richard Randolph and his sister-in-law, the beautiful Nancy Randolph, were charged with adultery and infanticide.  Just Deceits is a work of historical fiction based on actual events that tells the story of the Trial of the Century – the 18th Century – as the remarkable defense team of wily Patrick Henry and ambitious John Marshall battled each other, their clients, family intrigue, the prosecution, and the truth itself, trying to save their clients from the gallows.  In its ribald portrayal of a young legal system already driven more by spectacle than evidence, Just Deceits calls into question the feasibility — and even the desirability — of uncovering “the whole truth.” Ultimately, in the secrets revealed and the relationships celebrated, Just Deceits is as much a story of a trial of love as the trial in the courtroom.

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