Michael Schein is an author, attorney, historian, lively speaker, and former professor of American Legal History.


His historical nonfiction book, John Surratt: The Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away, will be released in September 2015 by Bennett & Hastings Publishing.  His two historical novels are Bones Beneath Our Feet (2011), and Just Deceits: a Historical Courtroom Mystery (2008) (a #1-seller in the “legal thriller” category on KINDLE).


Bones Beneath Our Feet is page-turning historical fiction, described by one reviewer as “a powerful and deeply moving historical novel . . ., beautifully written, with vivid descriptions of the landscape . . . [and] the culture of the indigenous people.”


Mr. Schein taught American Legal History at Seattle University Law School from 1988-2003, served on the speakers’ bureau of Humanities Washington, and is Director of LiTFUSE Poets’ Workshop.  His poetry is supported by a grant from King County 4Culture, and has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize.


Born and raised in Vermont, Mr. Schein attended Reed College in Portland, University of Oregon Law School in Eugene, and now lives near Seattle.